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Simple Heart Envelope Accent Craft Stamp

Technical Details:

  • Stamp Body: EHS-20rd
  • Shape: Round
  • Impression Size: 0.67 x 0.67 inches
  • Ink Pad: Water-based ink, several colors available

  • *This stamp is designed to be used with an ink pad, which is not included in this purchase. Please purchase an ink pad separately to use this stamp.


    Design SKU: EHS_Heart-1
    Simple Heart Envelope Accent Craft Stamp

    Our simple heart craft stamp is the perfect way to add a touch of love and personalization to your creative projects. Whether you're making greeting cards, gift tags, or scrapbook pages, this stamp will effortlessly transform your creations into heartfelt expressions.


  • Buy any address stamp, and you can get this stamp for $1.99!
  • This deal is limited to one stamp per order

  • More Stamp Info:

  • Curved handle for comfortable handling
  • Made of long-lasting and durable wood
  • Easy to clean and change the ink color
  • Requires separate ink pad to use
  • Perfect for getting precise and crisp impressions
  • Simple Heart Envelope Accent Craft Stamp