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Perishable Stock Stamp

Easily reduce the time it takes to mark important documents and correspondence with Simply Stamps' Perishable Stock Stamp. Our business stamp leaves crisp, clean, and clear impressions for easy filing.

SKU: 1008477
Design SKU: X1515
Perishable Stock Stamp

Simply Stamps' Perishable Stock Stamp helps reduce the time it takes to complete tedious office tasks. Our business stamp leaves clean impressions on all of your business's envelopes, correspondence, invoices, and more.

  • Self-inking "PERISHABLE" stamp
  • Rubber business stamp measures approximately ½" x 1 ⅖"
  • Choose from our selection of stamp ink colors
  • Self-inking stamp will leave thousands of crisp impressions before needing re-inking
  • Optional ink refill bottles available
Perishable Stock Stamp