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XL Custom Logo Stamp

  • Extra-large custom logo stamp
  • Impression size is approx. 2.75" x 3.75"
  • Variety of ink color options
  • Pre-inked stamp lasts for thousands of impressions
  • Upload your image/logo

Our extra large custom stamp features your unique logo! Ideal for branding your business products and packaging. This x-large stamp is pre-inked and will last for thousands of quality impressions before needing more ink!


Design SKU: xllogostamp
XL Custom Logo Stamp

Make sure your business gets the visibility it is deserving of with this XL Custom Logo Stamp. Incorporate this stamp to appear professional in a pinch, and be able to turn just about any surface into an advertising opportunity. Simply upload your logo and we create your extra large custom stamp!

  • Upload your custom logo or other personalized image of your choosing*
  • Stamp measures approximately 2.75" x 3.75" inches
  • Your choice of several eco-friendly, water soluble ink colors
  • High-quality pre-inked stamp lasts for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink

*We recommend round or square logo/image for best results

XL Custom Logo Stamp