DIY Coffee Craft Ideas to Celebrate National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day 2020 is September 29th, closely followed by International Coffee Day on October 1st. For everyone from the coffee snobs to the caffeine queens and the coffee-obsessed, National Coffee Day presents a special day to embrace your love for your morning cup of joe.

Coffee is not only the perfect pick-me-up, it can also come in handy for DIY art projects and crafts of all kinds. To celebrate National Coffee Day, we’ve put together a list of the top coffee arts and craft ideas to help you get creative with your coffee.

Coffee Filter Art

coffee filters cut into snowflakes

Coffee filters aren’t just for creating your perfectly filtered morning cup. They also create a great, budget-friendly base for all kinds of easy kids crafts. Here are just some of the ways that you can turn your coffee filters into fun DIY art:

  • Coffee Filter Flowers– Use watercolor paint to paint your coffee filters, then attach them to pipe cleaner stems for a fun spring craft that’s perfect for kids of all ages!
  • Christmas Snowflakes– Take your winter spirit to the next level with coffee filter snowflakes! Cut designs into each filter for one-of-a-kind winter wall and window décor.
  • Fall Leaves– Cut coffee filters into fall leaf shapes and color in each one with markers or paint for an adorable kid’s craft that’s perfect for the Halloween or fall season! Add an extra special touch to your coffee filter fall leaves with fall craft stamps!
  • Coffee Filter Coloring Paper– Coffee filters are a budget-friendly option for all kinds of crafts. Let your kids get creative with coloring in your coffee filters to create all kinds of art projects and crafts!

Handmade Coffee Soap

coffee soap with stamp impression on homemade wrapper

round address stamp with impression

Homemade coffee soap is the perfect DIY project or gift idea for all coffee lovers! You can create your own caffeine-infused soap at home with a few simple ingredients.

Gather your favorite delicious-smelling coffee grounds and the ingredients for a basic soap recipe (a mixture of your favorite oils and a lye solution). You can also add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils for seasonal scents like peppermint coffee or pumpkin spice latte soap!

To go the extra mile with your homemade soap, use a stamp to create custom impressions in each soap bar or create impressions on your homemade soap wrappers.

Picture Perfect Coffee Wall Art

coffee beans inside drawing of coffee mug

You can incorporate coffee beans or grounds into all kinds of wall art, paintings and artistic pieces. Create a coffee-inspired work of art or add coffee grounds to your paintings and artwork to create a unique texture.

Gluing coffee beans onto canvases to create raised works of art can also add a special element to any kid’s craft time!

DIY Coffee Candles

coffee beans and coffee candles

DIY coffee candles are a great gift idea for all coffee lovers, or a great way to enjoy the fresh scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee all day long! Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Your favorite smelling ground coffee
  • Wax – buy a small amount of your favorite wax online or at a local craft store
  • A coffee mug or glass container to hold your custom coffee candle
  • Candle wicks

Melt down your wax and incorporate your coffee grounds to create the perfect coffee-scented candle. Pour your candle mixture into a heat-resistant mug or glass container to cool, and don’t forget to include your candle wick!

Add whole coffee beans to your candle to create a fun coffee-inspired visual!

Coffee Bean Fragrance Jars

coffee beans in clear jar

If you can’t get enough of your favorite coffee scent, create a coffee fragrance jar! Create a potpourri-like mixture with your favorite coffee beans and any other complimentary scents and store them in a clear jar with a ventilated top.

Place your fragrance jar at your desk, on your mantle or anywhere that could use a gentle coffee scent!

Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

coffee and coffee body scrub

You can incorporate coffee into your everyday routine with a coffee face and body scrub! All you’ll need for this simple DIY project is:

  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • A moisturizing element like coconut oil
  • Optional essential oils or extracts for scent (ex. A couple drops of vanilla extract for a sweet vanilla coffee scrub)

Mix all of your ingredients together and store the mixture in your favorite container or glass jar for a caffeine-infused exfoliating scrub.

Coffee Bean Candle Holders

tea light candle in bowl with coffee beans

Turn a blend of your favorite whole coffee beans into DIY home décor! Use coffee beans to fill a vase or jar, creating simple candle or tea light holders.

Place your coffee candle holders around your house or office as a coffee-inspired centerpiece or an elegant way to show off your love for all things coffee!

DIY Coffee Dye

coffee beans with coffee stained paper and "a coffee bean is my birthstone" craft stamp

a coffee bean is my birthstone craft stamp impressionCoffee stains and dyes can add a special antique or vintage appearance to papers, cloths, and all kinds of crafts!

Brew a strong pot of your favorite coffee and use it to soak, stain or tie dye cloths and paper of all kinds. A complete cloth soak in coffee will create a light brown/ cream stain. Painting coffee onto paper or other arts and crafts can create an antique-inspired appearance that’s perfect for DIY art installments or school projects!

Pro Tip: Add craft stamps to your coffee-stained paper to create your own DIY wall art!

Coffee Party Favors

small party favor gift bag with "the perfect blend" craft stamp

the perfect blend bridal shower craft stampShare your love of coffee with your loved ones! Create small bags filled with your favorite brew to give out as party favors at weddings, family get togethers, birthdays or any type of event!

To go the extra mile with your crafty coffee party favors, stamp each bag with a personalized stamp featuring a custom message!

Coffee can be a versatile tool for all kinds of easy DIY art and craft projects! Celebrate your love for coffee with coffee filter art, homemade coffee scrub, or any of our top coffee-inspired arts and crafts from this list!

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Happy National & International Coffee Day from Simply Stamps!

We’d love to see how you’re getting creative with your coffee crafting and how you’re celebrating National Coffee Day 2020! Share all of your coffee-inspired fun crafts and DIY projects with us @SimplyStamps, and don’t forget to follow us to stay up-to-date on all things DIY and rubber stamps!

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