Large Custom Stamps: Common Uses, Types, and Sizes

Creating your very own decorations, designs, art, and business products can be fun, time-effective, and affordable. There is no need to replace pricey branded products when there are simple solutions and creative ways to do it yourself. Our large rubber stamps are more than just stationery tools. You can create and use your own rubber stamps for a wide variety of different projects for business or personal use. Best of all, it is easy and inexpensive!

Explore our guide on inventive stamp applications, types of stamp styles, available stamp size options and large rubber stamp fun facts & info!


Stamped Wooden Coaster
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Ideas for Using Custom Rubber Stamps –

Unless you are an avid crafter, you may be wondering what you can do with rubber stamps? Lucky for you there is an extensive number of things you can use your large rubber stamp for. Provided are our top 4 ideas for simple projects that will leave you in awe.

1. Art Projects:

Whether you are a small business or create art as a hobby, stamps can help elevate your projects. Rubber ink stamps can be used as a guide for drawing, painting, and crocheting. You can even use your stamp imprint for extra detail on your art piece. Do you have a favorite piece of artwork? Share it with friends, family, customers, and fellow creatives by featuring it on custom art stamps.

2. Wall Designs:

Create a DIY accent wall on a budget. Measure out your wall or freehand a cute and creative backdrop to your space. Simply stamp your impression repetitively in the pattern of your choice. If you are not ready for that commitment, imprint your design on peel and stick wall decals for removable designs you can change!

3. Wooden Crafts:

Add unique and personal touches to furniture in your home, shop, or bar. Our rubber stamps create a bold impression on woods. Bring dressers and side tables to life with a personalized design. Brand your wooden coasters or chairs with your restaurant’s logo or name for professional touches that stand out. For fun wooden crafts at home, you and your kids can stamp custom wooden ornaments or keychains to be used year-round or during the holidays.

4. Marketing Materials:

Send off your product packages with an impression of your business brand. Custom stamps are great for branding your company logo and address on a variety of marketing materials. Stamp your logo on product tags, to-go boxes, paper bags, flyers, punch cards, business cards, menus, and more. This simple and affordable solution to branding helps promote your growing business.



Large Stamp Types and FAQs

Depending on what you are using your stamp for, different styles will work best for your needs. Explore our curated selection of large self-inking, wood handle, and pre-inked stamps. We have pre-made designs for address stamps and signature stamps. If you are looking to explore your creative side, we also offer custom options like art stamps and large custom logo stamps!

Self-Inking Stamps –

Perfect for crisp, clean, and rapid stamping. These self-inking stamps come with your choice of ink color already included in the stamp body. A self-inking body leaves thousands of quality impressions before needing to be re-inked. These stamps are ideal for repetitive stamping and are commonly used for address stamps, signature stamps, daters, and more!

Pre-Inked Stamps –

Use an inked stamp for imprints with fine details and designs. Our pre-inked stamps, like the xstamper, have an internal ink reservoir that allows ink to permeate through the body onto the rubber dye. This style is ideal for intricate imprints and would be great for art pieces and special projects.

Wood Handle Stamps –

This classic type of stamping is most common in the crafting space. What is so great about a traditional wood stamp is easily switching your ink color with your imprint. Wood rubber stamps are easy to clean, collect, and create personal impressions every time you stamp. The rubber design is adhered to a wooden stamp body and imprints by pressing on your stamp pad and back onto your project.

Rocker Stamps –

Much like a wooden handstamp, a rocker mount stamp features a rubber die adhered to the bottom of a wood stamp body. The rocker stamp features a rounded bottom that allows for a larger impression size that is stamped by moving the handle from side to side. Simply rock your stamp onto your large ink pad to create your colored imprint. This stamp is great for leaving big impressions of your company logo on all your branding materials!


Largest Self Inking Stamp
Large Self-Inking Stamp
Largest Wood Handled Stamp
Large Traditional Hand Stamp
Largeest Pre-Inked Stamp
Large Pre-Inked Stamp


Here at, we offer a full line of stamp bodies in a variety of different sizes. Our large stamps are made to assist you in your biggest projects and are all custom-made for you. We have large stamps in every style of stamp body you may need!

What is our Largest Self-Inking Stamp?

Our Trodat Customizable Professional 5211 Model is our largest self-inking stamp, measuring approximately 2 3/16 x 3 3/8 inches. This professional series stamp is made of high-quality stainless steel to provide a sleek and durable performance.

Our Other Largest Stamp Bodies –

  • The Custom MAX-800Z Pre-Inked Stamp has an impression size measuring 3.13 x 4.5 inches. This large Trodat stamp is available in multiple ink colors and can imprint even the tiniest details in your logos or designs.
  • The Traditional 4 1/2″ x 7″ Hand Stamp is our biggest rocker mount stamp. This hand stamp impression will stand out even on your largest materials. From packing to signage, your custom design will not go unnoticed.
  • The Traditional 4″ x 7″ Hand Stamp is perfect for you if you prefer a traditional stamping style. This 4 x 7 inch wooden stamp is big enough to feature your unique design on large packages and projects!


the world's largest rubber stamp
image credit: Erik Drost CC BY 2.0

Large Rubber Stamp Info & Fun Facts

Learn more about large rubber stamps with some of our favorite facts and info:

  • The World’s Largest Rubber Stamp: The world’s largest rubber stamp (pictured above) stands about 25 feet wide, and resides in Cleveland, Ohio! Learn more about this large rubber stamp sculpture and the history of stamping in this article.
  • Rubber Stamp History: The rubber stamp industry took off in the mid to late 1800s, after Charles Goodyear discovered a process that allowed rubber to withstand cool and warm temperatures. [1]
  • Eco-Friendly Rubber Stamps: Large rubber stamps can be an eco-friendly alternative! Custom rubber stamps are an easy and sustainable way to forgo traditional printing processes and to make your mark on recycled materials! Our self-inking stamps also feature a water-based, environmentally-friendly ink to help you keep things green!
  • Creating Custom Rubber Stamps: You can easily turn any design into a large rubber stamp! Custom stamps are a popular option that allow you to transform your artwork, logo, signature, or any design into a rubber stamp. Check out our collection of design your own rubber stamps to get started!

Create a Custom Rubber Stamp


Finding a quality stamp for your business or personal needs is made simple at We offer a complete assortment of stamp types and styles for nearly any project. Whether you are looking to create a large custom logo stamp or a personalized patterned stamp for crafting projects, we have the perfect stampers for you. We would love to see how you use your large rubber stamps. Share photos and tag us @SimplyStamps for a chance to be featured on our page!


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