Decorating Egg Cartons with Stamps

At Simply Stamps, we create custom logo and branding stamps for all kinds of businesses, from corporate offices to Etsy shops!

We love seeing all of the unique ways that our customers bring their brand to life with their custom stamps! To show off some of our favorite ideas and ways to use rubber stamps, we feature one creative stamp idea every two weeks with our Stamp Idea of the Week series.

This week’s stamp idea is perfect for farmers and local sellers: Stamping Egg Cartons!

To help you promote your brand and step up your custom egg carton packaging, our Extra Large Traditional Logo Stamp is available with a special Stamp of the Week discount for a limited time!

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This personalized stamp:

  • Features an easy, straight-forward upload and customization process
  • Has a high-quality wood handle and a precise die-cut rubber
  • Creates impressions that measure approx. 4” x 4”
  • Is perfect for making your mark on egg cartons of all sizes from half dozen cartons to 20 egg trays!

Whether you’re selling farm-fresh eggs at the farmers market or you’re starting your own small business, here’s our all-in-one guide on custom egg carton stamps:

Ordering a Custom Egg Carton Stamp

custom logo stamp on egg carton
You can order your own custom egg carton stamp in a few simple steps:

  1. Pick your stamp: At Simply Stamps, we have a large selection of custom logo stamps so you can find the right stamp for you. For stamping egg cartons, we suggest a wood handle stamp like this week’s Stamp of the Week!
  2. Upload your logo: Once you’ve picked your stamp, upload your logo as one of our approved file types: .cdr, .eps, .gif, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .pf, .svg, .tif, or .tiff.
  3. Add on an ink pad: Please Note: While this ink is available in a variety of ink pad sizes, and is an excellent option for stamping egg cartons, it is not suggested for marking food. If you will be using egg stamps, we suggest using a food-safe, edible ink!
  4. Place your order: Once you place your order, it will be hand-assembled by one of our stamp experts at one of our US-based facilities, and shipped straight to you!

How to Stamp Egg Cartons

egg cartons with stamp
image credit: @bockbockbouquet

Once your custom order arrives, you’re ready to start stamping! Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Gather your supplies! You’ll need your custom stamp, an ink pad and your egg cartons.
  2. Place your egg carton on a countertop or stable workspace, and plan where you would like to make your stamp impression.
  3. Ink your stamp by pressing it into your ink pad, then firmly press your stamp where you would like to make a logo impression.
  4. Be sure to apply even pressure on your stamp to create a crisp, clear impression!
  5. Carefully lift your stamp away from your egg carton, and allow the impression ample time to dry before closing, stacking or filling your carton with eggs.
  6. Once your ink impression is dry, your stamped egg carton is ready for use!

How a Custom Stamp Can Help Your Business

black cat meadows logo stamp on egg carton
Custom logo stamps can provide multiple benefits for your farm or business! Here are some of our favorite ways that custom egg carton stamps can help your small business succeed:

  • Custom logo stamps are a budget-friendly way to create personalized egg cartons! Instead of ordering expensive custom printed cartons, you can order blank egg cartons in bulk and easily add your logo with a stamp.
  • Branding your egg cartons can grow your business! Whether you’re selling at the farmer’s market or you’ve got your own local business, branded egg cartons are an effective way to spread the word about your business.
  • Your logo stamp is a versatile branding tool! Your custom stamp can be used on everything from egg cartons to promotional materials to help you make your brand’s mark.

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