Create Your Own Pottery & Clay Stamps

At Simply Stamps we have all kinds of custom rubber stamps to help you spark your creativity. From embellishing at-home DIYs to signing artwork to making your mark on all of your personalized crafts, we’ve got rubber stamps for every project. 

Our Small Custom Wood Handled Logo Stamp is perfect for personalizing all of your handmade pottery and clay crafts!

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Ready to start stamping? Here’s our all-in-one guide on how to use custom rubber stamps on clay:

How to: Make Your Own Custom Clay Stamp

pottery logo stamp

At Simply Stamps, we make creating customized stamps easy! Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you place your custom order:

  1. Select your custom stamp! At Simply Stamps, we have hundreds of custom artwork and logo stamps to choose from. To make clear impressions on clay projects, be sure to avoid self-inking or pre-inked models and choose a wood handle stamp.
  2. Upload your logo in one of our approved file formats: cdr,eps,gif,jpg,png,jpeg,pdf,svg,tif,tiff
  3. Place your order! Once we receive your custom stamp order, we will begin customizing it with care and ship it out ASAP.

Clay Stamp Artwork Files

Keep in mind that the artwork or logo you upload will be the exact design that you receive on your rubber stamp. Here are some best practices to make sure your stamp provides the best results:

  • Turn your design into a single-color file to see how the stamp impression will look! 
  • Avoid shading or faded designs
  • Avoid ultra-fine or faded lines
  • In some cases, the best result may include reversing your design (see below)

How to: Make Stamp Impressions on Clay

custom logo pottery stamp

Here is how to make custom rubber stamp impressions on clay:

  1. Make sure you have a smooth, flat surface on your clay or pottery project
  2. To avoid your rubber stamp sticking to the clay, lightly dust your rubber stamp with cornstarch
  3. Firmly press your stamp into the clay
  4. Allow the stamp to sit in the clay for around 60 seconds to create a clear, crisp impression
  5. Gently lift your stamp away from the clay
  6. Allow your clay project to completely dry to see the final results of your stamp!

How to: Stamp Ink Onto Pottery and Clay Projects

Here’s how to create an ink stamp impression on pottery and clay:

  1. Finalize your project with any paint designs or first-layer base glazes
  2. Use clay-safe paint or glaze to cover your rubber stamp impression
  3. Gently create an impression by delicately pressing your rubber stamp onto your project
  4. Allow the impression ample time to dry before adding any details or placing your project in the kiln

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