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Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year

A Corp Embosser Including Year is perfect for your corporation to mark official documents. Customized with your company's name and state, our custom seal embosser is a sophisticated way to mark your business' transcripts, correspondence, and other documents.

  • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery only
  • Add your name, year, and location
  • Choose your embosser size and type
  • Select which angle to emboss from
  • Optional inker and foil stickers available for purchase

  • SKU:1009370

    Design SKU: corporate-embosser-year
    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year

    Add a sense of professionalism to your official documents with our Corp Embosser Including Year. Perfect for marking authentic documents, our corporate embosser makes leaving crisp and professional impressions quick and easy.

    • For use on 20 lb. paper or stationery only
    • Embosser leaves colorless, raised impressions
    • Embossing plates made of high-quality Delrin plastic
    • Select the embossing angle for your needs and comfort
    • Plate available in two sizes
    • Features up to 3 lines of custom text for your company's name, date, and location
    • Available in a variety of pocket and desk styles
    • Optional inker available for scanning your impression
    • Silver and gold foil stickers available for added professionalism
    • Click here to learn more about How to Use Your Embosser & to read our Embosser Ordering FAQs

    What Edge to Emboss From?

    The angle of your pink artwork embosser is fixed one selected, so choosing the correct edge to emboss from for you is important. For example, if you need to emboss your letterhead at the top-right corner, then you should select either the top or right depending on the angle you need. Embossing from the bottom is most common.

    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year


      6 Review(s)

    Customer Reviews:
    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
    Excellent experience

    Thoroughly satisfied with the product, returning for additional purchases.

    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
    Got The Job Done Right

    We loved our first one, the Religious Embosser. The Corporate Seal Embosser is our prized possession. It makes our documents official, it's easy to use and you can take this version anywhere. It comes with its own bag, it was easy to assemble and the stamp was exactly as advertised. AW highly recommends this company and its products for office and professional use. The pr ices are amazing and our organization couldn't have asked for a better solution to our problems.

    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
    Excellent product and great service

    Clear and Clean embossing, with the company name change the has been used already 50+ times and still going strong

    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year


    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
    Exactly what I needed


    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
    Corporate Seal Received

    The corporate seal was exactly as described. However, I did not receive the ink as ordered so I will need to follow up with customer service.

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    Corporate Seal Embosser Incl. Year
       6   Review(s)