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Gemstone Stamps

Gemstones, jewels, and crystals are hugely popular for their beauty. If you are enchanted by jewels, then explore our collection of gemstone stamps. Perfect for dressing up personal or professional correspondence and projects. Choose from a variety of designs including jewels like ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and more!

Gemstone Rubber Stamps

Add fun and colorful jewels and gemstones to your favorite craft projects! We have updated our collection of embellishment stamps to include gems like diamonds, amethysts, rubies and more. Also find gem clusters and other jewel accents that will bring life to your cards, letters, envelopes, scrapbook pages and even bullet journal entries. Choose your favorite gemstone stamp to remind you of a special day on your calendar! From accenting your personal journal to creating beautiful crafts and letters, these jewel stamps can be used in many creative ways!

Looking for other options? Explore our curated selection of rubber stamps to browse premium options for your stamping needs!