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Ruby Jewel Stamp

Known as a symbol of enduring love and everlasting passion, brightly colored rubies are perfect for stamping on shower and wedding invitations, reception decorations and, of course, love letters and crafty gifts made for the one you adore - the possibilities are endless! Customize your gems by choosing one of our brightly colored ink pads to complement your design, sure to leave a lasting impression on all your paper-crafting projects.


Design SKU: gem_stamp_104
Ruby Jewel Stamp

Bedazzle your shower, wedding, reception, Valentine's Day, and other events focused on love or romance with our made-to-last Ruby Jewel Craft Stamp, sure to add a sparking touch to all of your artful creations. Our creatively designed ruby stamp includes:

  • Your choice of stamp size
  • Your choice of numerous ink colors (optional)
Ruby Jewel Stamp