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Trodat Professional 5200 For Deposit Stamp

Easily stamp a check endorsement onto accounts receivable payments with Trodat's expertly designed Professional For Deposit Pro 5200 Self-Inking Stamp (formerly IDEAL 6400).


Trodat Professional 5200 For Deposit Stamp

Trodat's Self-Inking Professional Pro 5200 model includes the following features:

  • Made from high-quality brushed stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Slim stamp design, grip zones on feet, and new date band ensures fast, precise date setting and alignment
  • Metal core construction and ergonomic design for comfort and high-speed stamping
  • Releases crisp, clear stamp every time and last for thousands of impressions before needing additional ink

Stamp details:

  • Customize with your account information
  • Stamp impression area is 1 x 1 5/8 inches
  • Your choice of several ink colors

Carbon-neutral stamp proudly manufactured with minimal carbon footprint.

Trodat Professional 5200 For Deposit Stamp