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Large Long Reach Desk Embosser

Large Long Reach Desk Embosser

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  • Extended Handle for Superior Control: This embosser is equipped with a handle that extends 50% longer than standard models, ensuring smoother, more precise embossing impressions.
  • Extended Reach Capability: With a reach that extends 2-1/4 inches to the center of the die, this tool allows for flexible positioning on various document types.
  • Personalized Engraving Option: Features a 2-inch diameter die that can be customized with your desired artwork or text, perfect for professional or personal use.
  • Robust and Reliable Design: Constructed with high strength steel and precision-engineered parts, this embosser is built to last and withstand frequent use in any professional setting.
  • Handles Various Paper Types: Optimally used with standard paper weights between 20# and 30#, and capable of handling light card stock for diverse embossing purposes.


Design SKU: scratch-LR2
Large Long Reach Desk Embosser

Shiny Model EZ-EH Heavy Duty Desk Embosser

The Shiny Model EZ-EH Heavy Duty Desk Embosser is the premier choice for professionals and individuals seeking a robust and efficient embossing tool. This embosser is crafted with high-precision components and features an extended handle that enhances leverage for sharper, more precise impressions. It is ideal for embossing official documents, personalized stationery, and a variety of paper materials, including single sheets from 20# to 30# and light card stock.

The Long Reach EZ-EH Long Reach Desk Seal is made with reinforced, high strength steel for extra rigidity and durability – while also providing additional “reach” into the document when required. Shiny’s patented design and revolutionary mechanism reduces the amount of force required to generate a perfect impression by 30%.

Equipped with a 2" laser-engraved die, the customizable embosser can be tailored to display your unique design or text, making it a vital tool for notaries, business executives, government officials, and engineers. Its solid construction not only guarantees lasting durability but also adds an element of elegance to your professional documents, enhancing their appearance and security.

Additionally, the Shiny EZ-EH model includes a sliding lock mechanism for convenient handling and secure storage. With its user-friendly features and stylish design, this embosser represents a smart investment for anyone in need of reliable, professional document embossing.

Large Long Reach Desk Embosser


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Customer Reviews:
Large Long Reach Desk Embosser
It works really well for our certificates that we send out.

The long reach embossing tool works really well for the certificates we send out all over the world.
Thank you:)

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Large Long Reach Desk Embosser
   1   Review(s)