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Pre-Sorted First Class Postage Paid Permit Stamp

Postage Paid Permit Stamp | Bulk Mail Indicia that can be used for certain pre-sorted USPS mail account holders. The stamp only comes in black ink and is a self-inking stamp. Stamp impression size is 1" x 1.5".

Please Note: You must have an account with USPS to use. Please check with USPS for further clarification of the stamp's use.

Item #:1019795

Design SKU: PP_121

Pre-Sorted First Class Postage Paid Permit Stamp

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Pre-Sorted First Class Postage Paid Permit Stamp
Presort your mail already? Looking for a new permit imprint with presorted standard specified within the guidelines of USPS Design Permit Imprint Indicia? This self-inking stamp is clearly legible with a great impression every time. Individualize your permit imprint with your city, state and permit account number. Nobody likes using those postage meters, too much hassle! Get your Permit Imprint Indicia Stamper today for fast and easy shipping!Note: Make sure all dues and fees are paid in accordance with the requirements of USPS permit imprint regulations and requirements.