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Non-Profit Postage Paid Address Service Request Stamp

For a Non-Profit Organization, this Postage Paid Bulk Mail Indicia Stamp is used for certain USPS pre-sorted mail.... View More

Item #:1010035

Design SKU: PP_103
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Non-Profit Postage Paid Address Service Request Stamp
Have a postage paid account with USPS but need permit imprint indicia? Did you also stipulate that the shipper pay for forwarding or returns? If you are sending out bulk mail via permit imprint then each piece of mail returned can be sent back to your non-profit organization because of your specific mailer endorsement of Address Service Requested. Give the US Postal Service specific instructions for how to handle mail that is undeliverable as addressed. Maybe the recipient no longer resides there or the address is vacant, don't waste your mail. Send it back! Order this stamp with your individualized permit information today! Note: Please note that you must have an active account with USPS in order to use this postage paid permit imprint as intended. All dues or fees must be paid in accordance with USPS standards and requirements and for any further information, contact USPS.