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Postage Paid Permit | Presorted Standard

Postage Paid Bulk Mail Indicia Stamp that can be used for certain USPS pre-sorted mail. The stamp only comes in bl... View More

Item #:1010040

Design SKU: PP_108
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Postage Paid Permit | Presorted Standard
If you have an advance deposit account with USPS and want to lower costs by presorting, get this high frequency, self-inking permit imprint rubber stamp. Permit imprint is simple and convenient for bulk mailings. When you are doing anything in high volumes then you need a permit imprint stamper that is fast and easy to use. Get this presorted standard permit imprint indicia rubber stamp for efficiency and ease during your sorting/mailing process. Note: Please note that your advance deposit account with USPS must be in good standing for this permit imprint to be used as intended. For further inquiry, contact USPS regarding Presorted Permit Imprint Indicia.