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Serifa Stroke Monogram Luxury Embosser Seal

Our luxury desktop embossers are a statement piece on your desk and make a lasting impression on any correspondence. This popular Serifa design is perfect for all types of occasions and uses. Use directly on paper or envelopes, or add seals to your shopping cart if you prefer!

  • Colors: Silver or Gold
  • Packed in a gift box set
  • Size: approx. 48 x 156 x 117 mm
  • Impression size: approx. 1.625”

Click here for our Embosser Ordering FAQs and complete How-To Embosser Guide

SKU: 1011768
Design SKU: LE_Monogram_17
Serifa Stroke Monogram Luxury Embosser Seal

Worth the investment, these luxury embossers are a timeless heirloom piece for your desk. Available in gold and silver, this desktop embosser makes a statement on your desk and better, makes a beautiful impression on your envelopes or foil seals. Embossing adds class and sophistication to every piece of correspondence.

What Edge To Emboss From? This is very important because the angle of your embosser is fixed. For example, if you need to emboss your letterhead at the top right corner of the paper you should select either the top or right depending on the angle you need. Embossing from the bottom is most common.

Foil Seals? Our seals come on a roll of 50, 100 or 200 seals in either gold or silver.

Serifa Stroke Monogram Luxury Embosser Seal