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We're Offering Special Pricing on Stamps that Promote Hand Washing!

Earlier this year, Simply Stamps partnered with Trodat to provide over 2,500 hand washing stamps to teachers across the country for free. Although the free offer has expired, you can still take advantage of special low prices for educators.

Teachers can take 20% off their order with this special discount code: Simply20. (Cannot be combined with other offers.)

As a small business, we want to continue to help teachers and parents promote good hygiene. We’ve put together a selection of "wash your hands" stamps in fun designs to encourage regular hand washing

* Please be aware of any skin allergies before stamping on skin.


1. Kids stamp their hands first thing in the morning
2. Stamp washes off after 3-4 washes throughout the day
3. At the end of the day you know that their hands are clean

Choose Your Hand Wash Stamp

To promote proper hand hygiene, our hand washing stamps are available at special, low prices for educators like you!

Helping to Promote Clean Hands & Healthy Kids

Example of a Self-Inking Hand Stamp
Your hand washing stamp is small & easy to use

With recent news, we are all concerned about the Coronavirus and its impact on our communities. Earlier this year, we gave away 2,500+ stamps to teachers throughout America so that they too can ensure their children practice good hygiene.

Check out our handy blog post to show you how your hand washing stamp works!

With little ones ourselves we know that it is not easy to get them to wash their hands regularly at the best of times, so as a small business we want to continue to provide a low cost way to support teachers and parents in this continuing effort. As such we have curated a selection of discounted hand stamps that you can use to make hand washing fun and remind your little ones (or even yourself) to wash their hands throughout the day. Want to create your own custom stamp to promote classroom hygiene and hand-washing? Check out our complete collection of personalized rubber stamps to create your own custom design!

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