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Trodat 4925 Stamp

Trodat Printy 4925 | Ideal 5790 5 Line Self-Inking Stamp

  • Impression size: 1" x 3.25"
  • Good for thousands of impressions
  • Available in 8 ink color options: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Pink


Design SKU: trodat4925
Trodat 4925 Stamp

Trodat Printy 4925 | Ideal 5790 5-Line Self-Inking Stamp

Start customizing your 5-line stamp here. You choose the text and the ink color. We will ship your stamp the next business day!

Trodat 4925 Stamp


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Customer Reviews:
Trodat 4925 Stamp

Easy company to work with. Customer service is on point. I've ordered these stamps multiple times now, and I'm always satisfied.

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Trodat 4925 Stamp
   1   Review(s)