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Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad

Don’t let your old ink pad dry up and leave you without a way to make beautiful lasting stamp impressions Don’t worry about it! This Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad can help you finish that project in no time! Sooner or later, everyone needs a new ink pad. Perfect to use on this self inking stamp! Make your impression without the mess! Available in a variety of colors, this new Trodat ink pad will help you for years to come. Shop for yours today and make sure you never run out of ink again!


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Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad

Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad Details Need to get some ink? Our Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad is just the thing the stamp doctor requested! Just because you run out of ink, it does not indicate that it's time to throw it out! In some cases all a stamp requires is just a bit bit of ink! A little goes a long way and before you know it, your stamp will be back to leaving crisp impressions in no time. When buying a new ink pad, it is definitely crucial to keep in mind to make certain that the ink pad supports your unique stamp type!

Replacing your Trodat ink pad is easy. Watch our video on How to Re-Ink Your Self-Inking Stamp!

Trodat 5208 Replacement Pad