Rubber Stamps & the Return to Handcrafted and Approachable Design

In a digital world, people are craving things that have an artistic, raw and handcrafted feel. Artists and artisans have continued creating their wares, despite the growing digital presence for the last 25 years or more. Now in 2020, people are back to “homier times”, according to this article on, and they’re buying handmade gifts, and making things with their hands.

It was once a novelty to receive an email, now it’s a pleasant surprise to receive a hand-written letter in the mail, or to open a gift that’s been wrapped in homemade paper. Rubber stamps are contributing to the approachable, handcrafted look people are craving. Letter writers, artists, businesses and others are re-discovering the traditional rubber stamp and all its creative potential!

Here are some of the standout stamp designs we’ve seen lately here at Simply Stamps.

Taking Eco-friendly Branding to the Next Level

Image Credit: @RootsDentalPDX

Roots Dental uses their custom logo stamp to place their brand on each take-home hygiene bag. Using recycled paper bags and water-based ink, this dental practice is using their stamp as a creative way to stick to their roots.

Make your mark! Placing your logo on a custom stamp is a great way to build your brand and add a personalized touch to all of your products. For doctors, dentists and other medical businesses like Roots Dental, a custom logo stamp is a great way to remind patients of the people behind the medical practice.

Adding Personality to Mail and Packages

Image credit: @_emilyelaine

With handmade design and crafting growing in popularity, snail mail is back in style! Adding a custom address stamp to all of your outgoing correspondences is an easy way to bring a touch of personality and creativity to your mail and packages.

Whether you are sending a birthday card, a thank you card or a simple letter to say hello, adding a custom return address stamp is the perfect way to add an extra special and personalized touch. At Simply Stamps, we have tons of customizable return address stamp options with all sorts of designs, so you’re sure to find a stamp that matches your style!

Making Correspondences More Professional

Image credit: @eclipse_brewing

Sending out snail mail isn’t just for personal correspondences, it can also be a great way to promote and elevate your business’s branding. Eclipse Brewing created a custom return address stamp that features their logo to create letters that are both professional and personalized.

Seal the deal with a stamp! Adding your address to a custom logo stamp is a great way to brand your business. Plus, custom logo address stamps can also make addressing large amounts of outgoing mail quick and easy for business of all sizes.

Elevating Product Packaging

Image credit: @FrostLivestockCo

Frost Livestock Co. uses a custom stamp to mark their products with an image and important contact information. The stamped image on each egg carton leaves a rustic impression that corresponds perfectly with the farm-fresh homemade brand.

Make your products stand out from the crowd! Custom stamps are a crafty way to add branding and identification to all of your products and packaging. Simply Stamps offers a variety of ink pads and ink refills to make sure your custom stamp impressions are noticeable and on brand!

Customizing Card Making

Image credit: @BySalina

Handcrafted cards are a thoughtful way to reach out to friends and family. Whether you are looking to decorate personalized cards with a logo like Raising Tito, or you want to add a personal creative touch to any DIY card, rubber stamps are the perfect solution!

Use a custom art stamp to add a personalized touch to handmade greeting cards or find the perfect craft stamp to elevate all of your DIY paper crafting projects!

Spreading the Word About Your Small Business

Image credit: @HarmonyCakes562

Harmony Cakes uses a custom logo stamp to personalize each bakery box, bringing delicious desserts and branding together in perfect harmony. Using a traditional wood handle logo stamp is a classic way to create one-of-a-kind impressions that match your business’s unique personality.

Logo stamps aren’t just for looks! Using your business’s logo stamp is a great way to spread the word about your brand and increase brand awareness.

Signing Letters With Love

Custom signature stamps are the perfect way to sign your letters with love. Whether you’ve got a lot of letters to sign quickly or you have handwriting difficulty, a signature stamp will get the job done! Every card, craft, letter, package and document can have your exact signature.

At Simply Stamps, we make turning your signature into a stamp easy. You can upload your unique signature and we’ll turn it into a wood handled, self-inking or pre-inked stamp!

As more aspects of our daily lives become digital and technology-focused, handcrafted designs bring something different to the table. Adding a handmade or crafted element to letters, gifts, packaging or branding brings forth an authentic feel that people appreciate.

Simply Stamps is proud to support the turn towards approachability and simplicity in design. Our selection of rubber stamps include all kinds of custom logo stamps, address stamps and craft stamps so you can add an original touch of personality to all of your projects.

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