Customize Your Outfits with Clothing Stamps

Simply Stamps creates personalized and custom rubber stamps for all kinds of uses! From business branding to organization to DIY crafting, we’ve got specialized stamps for every project.

Our collection of clothing stamps are perfect for organization, labeling and keeping track of every item in your closet. 

This Bold Clothing Stamp:

  • Is a self-inking stamp model, specifically designed to create easy-to-read impressions on clothing and textiles
  • Includes a special black fabric ink for long-lasting name impressions
  • Creates .56” x 1.5” impressions
  • Is customizable with your name or personalized text

Ready to start stamping? Here’s our complete how-to guide on all things clothing stamps with tips and ideas to help you get started:

About Custom Clothing Stamps

custom clothing stamp with name
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you prep and plan before you start stamping your clothes:

  • Is clothing stamp ink permanent? Clothing stamps create long-lasting impressions that are not permanent. Our clothing stamps feature a special textile ink that will last for up to 40 washes!
  • Is clothing stamp ink safe for skin contact? Yes. Our specially formatted textile and fabric ink is non-toxic and safe for children’s clothing.
  • How do I wash stamped clothing? Stamped clothes are machine-washable in water up to 90 degrees Celsius.
  • How do I make my clothing stamp impression last longer? For longer-lasting results, wait to wash your clothing for at least 24 hours after stamping!
  • Can I add my phone number to my clothing stamp? Simply Stamps has a large collection of clothing stamp designs, including options with multiple lines to include your phone number and contact information! Click here to view all of our clothing stamp styles and designs.

For more details and FAQs about custom clothing stamps, check out our informational guide here!

How to Stamp Clothing & Fabrics

clothing stamp
Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to use your new clothing stamp:

  1. Make sure that the clothing you want to stamp is washed and completely dry.
  2. Place your clothing on a flat, smooth surface and ensure there are no wrinkles or folds where you will be stamping.
  3. Place your stamp on your clothing and firmly press down on the top of your self-inking stamp body to create an impression.
  4. Allow your stamp impression ample time to dry before washing or folding your clothes.

Clothing Stamp Uses

custom clothes name stamp
Clothing stamps are a popular, easy-to-use alternative to writing or sewing your name and information into fabric! Here are just some of the ways that clothing stamps can help you make your mark:

  • Keeping track of children’s clothes: Stamp your child’s clothes to prevent lost and misplaced items.
  • Simplified laundry sorting: Customize every family member’s clothing with a stamp for easy sorting, and easy identification at laundromats.
  • Labeled clothing for travel: Keep track of every item of clothing when you or your kids are away from home traveling, at sleepovers or at camp!
  • Personalized school & work uniforms: Add a clothing name stamp to every uniform for school, gym and work!

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Stamps on Social:

Looking for some DIY stamping inspo? Check out how some of our customers are using rubber stamps to make their mark:

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DIY possibilities are endless with rubber stamps! From stamping snail mail to labeling your clothes, our custom rubber stamps are the perfect all-in-one tool for all of your personalized projects.

Check out our complete clothing stamp collection for more custom fabric stamp designs and options:
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