Postage Paid Stamps

Postage Paid Stamps - Bulk Mail Stamps

If you have an pre-paid postage account with the USPS, our presorted mail and postage paid stamps are inexpensive and a great way for non-profits, businesses & politicians to save time! These presorted mail stamps are for active permit holders able to use accepted Indicia for bulk mailings. Are you a large company that sends mailers out often? Our self-inking stamps can last through thousands of impressions without ever even re-inking the stamp! We also have several address stamps to choose from, check them out today!

Bulk Mail Rubber Stamps

Sending out hundreds or thousands of mail pieces from your office? Speed up the process with a custom postage paid rubber stamp. At a fraction of the cost of a Pitney Bowes machine, your stamp will last for thousands of impressions, year after year. Be sure to order a bottle of refill ink!