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Vertical Capital Address Stamp

You march to the beat of a different drummer, that is why you throw convention out the window and say "hey, why does my return address have to be horizontal? I want it vertical!" We heard you loud and clear and have created the Vertical Capital Address Stamp in response. This stamp features a very modern design with your last name across the top, followed by the first initial of your last name displayed prominently beneath. At the bottom is your street address, city, state and ZIP. Complete your order by selecting your stamp type, ink color, and size. Go Green today by upgrading to our Eco-Friendly stamp which is made from recycled plastic.


Design SKU: 9025
Vertical Capital Address Stamp
Vertical Capital Address Stamp Details Dump those tacky address labels of old! Embrace a simpler way of sending out all those greeting cards throughout the year by using one of our custom self inking address stamps! Address labels can be tacky and tear quite easily, making their seeming advantages more like a hindrance than anything. Express it using stamps instead, and make it through your daily routine task list in a fraction of the time. Needless to say, this Vertical Capital Address Stamp will help out during the holidays! Made with only premium quality components, this useful self inking stamp will endure for decades to come! Buy your own now!
Vertical Capital Address Stamp
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