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We Are Not Ingredients Rubber Stamp

Help spread the word with your business that you support the vegetarian and vegan diets with this 'Animals Are Not Ingredients’ with this rubber stamp! Looking to make a BIG impression? Options are available to upgrade your stamp to a larger size! Tired of black? Alternative ink color options are available below!

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We Are Not Ingredients Rubber Stamp

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We Are Not Ingredients Rubber Stamp
In recent years, animal rights activists have gained increasing amounts of attention for exposing the living conditions of animals on farms that are raised solely for mass consumption. The extent of this raised awareness is triggering a slew of people, to give up meat for good. These facts make this rubber stamp perfect for the vegetarian or vegan restaurants who wish to spread their philosophy with their customers! Pass along that animals are not considered ingredients in your eyes with this influential rubber stamp. Feel free to stamp napkins, receipts, to-go containers, even food (just use food coloring instead of ink!).