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Black 4oz SuperMarking Ink

Super Marking Ink is a fast drying, ink for multi-surface use with traditional wooden handle stamps that use a seperate ink pad. It's also water resistant which makes it perfect for stamping clothes, glossy paper or anything you need a permanent mark on. A non-toxic ink for use on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Recommended for use with traditional wooden rubber stamps not self-inking stampers. Stamp pad not included.

Popular uses:
  • fabric ink
  • indelible ink
  • glossy catalog stamp ink
  • waterproof ink

Item #:1012832


Black 4oz SuperMarking Ink

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Black 4oz SuperMarking Ink
Got ink? Our Super Marking Ink is just what the stamp doctor ordered! Simply because you run out of ink, it doesn’t mean that it's time to toss it out! Often times all a stamp requires is just some ink! A little goes a long way and before you know it, your stamp will be back to leaving clear impressions in no time. When selecting a new ink pad, it is worthwhile to bear in mind to make sure that the ink pad supports your unique stamp type!