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Embosser Ordering Guide & FAQs

Embosser Ordering Guide & FAQs
By Kyndall Oakley July 29, 2020

At Simply Stamps we have a large selection of embossers with seals for both professional and personal use. You can create a crisp seal with anything from your address to your company logo or professional emblem!

Each of our embosser orders is built to meet your exact specifications so before you place your personalized order there are some important options to choose from. We’ve put together this guide of frequently asked embosser ordering questions to help you learn everything you need to know about the custom embosser ordering process.

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Commonly Asked Embosser Questions & Answers

Table of Contents
What is an embosser and what is it used for?
What does embosser orientation mean?
What are the different types of embossers?
What does embosser reach mean?
What kind of of paper can I use with my embosser?
What is embosser size?
Can I order an embosser insert?
Do I need any extra supplies to use my embosser?

What is an embosser and what is it used for?

An embosser is a tool used to create colorless raised impressions. Unlike a stamp that uses ink or dye to leave a visual mark, embossers use two plates to leave visual and tactile impressions. Our Simply Stamps embossers use high-quality Delrin plastic plates to leave a crisp and clear impression every time!


Embossers are an incredibly versatile tool for both personal and professional use! Here are some of the ways that you can use a custom embosser:

  • Address Seals: Elevate your address! Embossers can be customized with your address and added to Save the Dates, letterheads, envelopes or any of your outgoing correspondences.
  • Library and Book Seals: Library seals can come in handy for both librarians and bibliophiles with extensive personal libraries. These seals are great for adding personalization to your library and for helping books get safely returned when lost or misplaced.
  • Corporate Seals: Corporate seals are great for finalizing documents and adding a professional touch to all of your company’s important paperwork.
  • Professional Seals: Simply Stamps has a large selection of professional embosser options for officials who are required to authorize documents with a seal. Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, Interior Designers and Notary Publics can all customize a seal with their professional information to help custom artwork embosserperform their official duties.
  • Religious Seals: Churches and religious organizations often use embossers to mark stationary or official correspondences. Simply Stamps has a diverse selection of religious seals so you can find the perfect embosser for your congregation.
  • Logo Seals: Whether you have a small business or run a large corporation, there are tons of uses for a custom logo embosser! Personalize your official correspondences or make your mark on all of your envelopes and marketing materials.
  • Custom Seals: Get creative with your seals! You can customize your embosser order with your monogram, a custom design or any type of information to leave personalized impressions on stationery, envelopes and crafts of all kinds.

What does embosser orientation mean?

embosser orientation guide

Embosser orientation refers to the direction of the seal impression. At Simply Stamps, all of our embossers have an “emboss from” option. To pick the correct embosser orientation for you, it’s important to think about how you’ll be using your custom embosser. Here are the four types of embosser orientation and their intended uses:

  • Top: Top embosser orientation is used to create impressions at the top of a page. This type of orientation is great for leaving impressions at the top of letterheads and stationery or putting a seal with your address at the top of any important document.
  • bottom embosser orientation on envelope flapRight: Right embosser orientation is for creating impressions from the right side of paper. This orientation is for creating right-side impressions on pages of a book and other bound documents.
  • Left: Left embosser orientation is used to create impressions on the left side of paper. This orientation can be used for leaving impressions on the left side of handouts and single-page professional documents.
  • Bottom: Bottom embosser orientation is common for leaving impressions on the flap of an envelope or from the bottom of a page near a signature.

Make sure to keep in mind the intended use of your embosser before you decide which orientation to choose! Embossers should only be used according to their particular orientation to ensure that the seal imprint looks correct and is facing the right direction.

What are the different types of embossers?


Pocket Embossers

  • Pocket Embossers are small standard embosser models that are great for on-the-go professionals and people who need to authorize paperwork in the field.

EZ Pocket Embossers

  • EZ Pocket Embossers are a type of small pocket embosser that has a different shape and handle than our standard pocket embosser. The pressing angle that EZ pocket embossers provide makes it easier to apply pressure and create impressions.

Desk Embossers

  • Desk embossers are a larger model than pocket embossers and they are built to conveniently sit stationary on a desk or flat surface. This type of embosser is great for professional and personal use!

Luxury and Classic Embossers

  • Simply Stamps offers two luxury classic embossers in gold and silver chrome with a 1.625" impression size. These embosser models are functional and create the same quality impressions that all of our embossers provide, but they also can act as stunning desk decor and a statement piece for any office environment.

Long Reach Embossers

  • Long reach heavy duty embossers provide an impression further inwards on a page than a standard embosser. Simply Stamps offers the option to customize your own long reach heavy duty embosser, or to upgrade to a long reach model on some of our 2" seals.

What does embosser reach mean?


Embosser reach refers to how far inwards on a page an embosser creates an imprint. The standard reach of the embosser models at Simply Stamps is up to 1” from the edge of a sheet of paper. If you’d like to leave impressions that are further inwards on a page, some of our 2” large seal embosser options are also available as long-reach embossers.

What kind of paper can I use with my embosser?

To avoid any tears or shallow imprints, you have to ensure that you are embossing on the correct paper weight. Our standard embosser models are made to create crisp impressions on 20 lb. standard paper.

What is embosser size?

“Embosser size” refers to the size of the seal impression, not the size of the actual embosser model. At Simply Stamps, we offer two different embosser size options. The standard embosser size at Simply Stamps is 1.625”. This type of embosser leaves an imprint that is approximately 1.625”. If you’d like to make a bigger impression, most of our embossers are also available in a 2” size!

Can I order an embosser insert?

At Simply Stamps our embossers are currently sold as a single unit. Not all inserts fit into our newer/older models and different embosser styles. To avoid any sizing issues, we currently do not sell individual embosser inserts.


silver-foil-sealAre there any extra supplies I need to order with my embosser?

When you order a custom embosser from Simply Stamps, you will receive everything you need to get started, all you need to do is provide your own 20 lb. standard paper or stationery and start creating impressions! If you’d like to take your seals to the next level, Simply Stamps has two additional add-ons available:

Embossing Foils

  • Embossing foils are a great way to embellish your embosser impressions. Simply Stamps offers optional embossing foils in silver and gold so that you seal-impression-inkercan create high-quality impressions on certificates and important documents.

Seal Impression Inkers

  • Simply Stamps also offers impression inkers as an optional add-on. Inkers are used to apply ink to your embossed impressions, ensuring that your seals are visible from a distance and in photocopies.

Finding the right embosser for you or your business depends on your preferences and what you will be using it for! At Simply Stamps we have a wide selection of embossers options and seal templates so finding the right embosser for you is easy.


Choose from one of our embosser options or create one-of-a-kind impressions with a custom embosser. Most orders ship next business day from Simply Stamps so you can start making high-quality impressions fast!

For inspiration on creative ways to use your embosser or for more helpful hints and tips follow us @SimplyStamps. If you’ve got any other questions or you’re still not sure what type of embosser is right for you, our customer service team is always here to help.

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