All About Craft Ink Pads

Craft ink pads are designed to help you make the most out of every craft, card and DIY project. At Simply Stamps, we offer a large variety of craft ink pad options and colors to help you get creative and leave a colorful impression.

Whether you’re looking for a colorful stamping solution or you’re looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your DIY project, we’ve put together this craft ink pad guide to help you make an informed decision before you buy!

What kind of stamps can I use with craft ink?

While self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps already include ink in the stamp body, traditional stamp models require an additional ink pad. At Simply Stamps, our traditional wood handle, European wood handle, and wood block craft stamp models require a separate ink pad to make impressions.

wood block craft stamp
Wood Block Craft Stamps
euro wooden hand stamp
European Wood Hand Stamps
traditional wood handle stamp
Traditional Wood Handle Stamps

What are the different types of craft ink?

pink, red, orange craft inksInk pads are sometimes available in a variety of types. To know which type of ink you should use, it’s important to consider the differences between each variety.

Archival Dye Ink:

  • Dye ink is said to look, feel and behave like water
  • The ink is typically vibrant and clear, it soaks directly into paper surfaces and dries very quickly
  • This type of ink is best used for paper, and comes with a foam ink pad
  • When heat embossed, dye ink becomes permanent and waterproof
  • This type of ink is ideal for every day stamping with wood block and wood handle stamp projects

Pigment Ink:

  • Pigment ink is thicker than dye ink and has the consistency of mayonnaise
  • To achieve the best stamp impression, don’t press down on your stamp for long, as this ink has a tendency to “slide”. Simply press down quickly and you’ll get a strong impression
  • This ink has a foam pad and is best for absorbent papers and surfaces
  • It becomes permanent and waterproof when embossed with a heat tool
  • When stamping with pigment ink, you can expect a longer drying time with rich and vibrant quality
  • With pigment ink, there is plenty of time to emboss and blend colors and this ink is safe for scrapbooking and archival projects
  • metallic craft ink impressionsIdeal for the experienced crafter or stamper


Metallic Ink:

  • Metallic ink has a luster and sheen to it, these colors add an instant richness to any project or envelope
  • Metallic ink is a thick pigment ink
  • Allow for ample drying time wen stamping and consider hear embossing to create permanent and waterproof results

All of our craft inks at Simply Stamps are available in a selection of curated acid-free colors.

Will craft ink fade or bleed?

Our craft ink pad selection at Simply Stamps is ideal for leaving clear, colorful impressions. Once it has been given ample time to dry, our craft ink is fade and bleed resistant, making it ideal for maintaining shape and color.

Will craft ink dry on glossy surfaces?

Craft ink can stamp well on paper, as well as glossy, coated and non-porous surfaces. For best results on coated and glossy surfaces, heat set or emboss to avoid smudging.

Stamp Wash & Care Instructions

The key to prolonging your stamp’s lifespan is following proper care instructions after each project. Here are our steps to cleaning your stamp after using craft ink:

  • Wash your stamp thoroughly in warm, soapy water
  • *Do not use alcohol or cleaners
  • Please note that some ink residue may remain on your stamp and it may not become completely clean or free of ink residue
  • Ink buildup is normal and does not interfere with future stamping
  • Allow your stamp to completely dry before reuse

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Have any more questions? Feel free to contact the stamp experts on our customer focus team here.

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